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The cube programme

A holistic support for aspiring social entrepreneurs

It is our pleasure to announce the launch of the second year of the Impact Cube programme – a two term programme for aspiring and established student social entrepreneurs launched in collaboration with the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.


Being part of a team grants access to a social entrepreneurship curriculum to introduce key skills, building an MVP, business model planning, incorporation, and funding


If you have a great idea but no team, we can help you recruit co-founders. We also help established teams recruit new co-founders to compliment their backgrounds.


Each team is assigned a senior professional with key experiences to mentor their project.


We also use the Impact Cube network to link the maturing projects to relevant industry and sector experts.


We work to share funding opportunities, competitions, networks, and accellerators with the teams.


We try to gather as many funding opportunities as possible for the teams, locally in Oxford and elsewhere. The 2020/21 cohort raised over $25 000 USD for their ventures.


Who can apply?

Anyone with an idea or early-stage social start-up can apply to join. You may be located anywhere in the world, but at least one team member must be a student or alumni at Oxford University. If you are a founder or team from abroad, we can team you up with someone in Oxford.


What does it entail?

By applying, your project will be included amongst the Impact Cube society projects. This means you get access to all of our support, including the Social Shifters curriculum, a mentor, our network, funding guidance, and recruitment assistance.

The programme spans across two academic terms to support student teams every step of the way from ideation through to becoming a viable social enterprise. At the end of the year, we hope to see a number of teams at a spinoff-ready stage.

You should expect to work in the team until the end of the academic year where your teams may incorporate and compete for awards and prizes.

Application deadline

If you want to apply for the 2022 programme starting the 16th January 2022, apply before  6th January 2022

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