VitaGum challenge refugee malnutrition with a vitamin-infused chewing gum


Vitamin deficiencies and dental challenges amongst drug addicts is a global challenge causing significant social and economic burdens. Vitamin tablets, a varied diet, or toothbrushing are good solutions in theory, but not in practice. In order for them to work, it needs to be used by a regular basis.


VitaGum has developed a chewing gum that contains all essential vitamins that drug addicts need, plus active ingredients to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

The gum does the same as a good diet or toothbrushing, the thing that sets it apart is that chewing gum is a vehicle that is actually used habitually.


  • Winner, Oxford Foundry All-Innovate Competition, Best Graduate Idea 2020
  • Winner, Hauge Business Network Pitching Competition 2021
  • Winner, Social Enterprise Awards, Oxford Hub
  • Winner, Oxford Inspires Pitching Competition, 2021
  • Winner, Oxford Impact Award for Enterprise and Innovation

“I joined with an idea for addressing refugee malnutrition and dental healthcare. The programme recruited a full team to make the vision come to life, and shared a series of competitions for funding that we ended up winning. “

– Harriet Lester, founder of VitaGum