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“I participated in the Impact Cube programme and was assigned as a mentor to a social enterprise that aligned with my professional interests and expertise. It has been a rewarding and inspirational experience to advise and support Seedloans to optimize and streamline their social business model. I have met a highly committed, focused, and innovative team of individuals who want to make a difference in the planet and leave a meaningful impact on other people’s lives. It is remarkable the progress they have achieved over the last few months and the number of female smallholder farmers they are serving. This is a great example of how an innovative solution that has emerged during the pandemic can respond to a social problem. I am delighted to have found this opportunity via Impact Cube and wouldn’t hesitate to participate again in their programme.”

Sebastian Soneyra

Impact Cube Mentor, Seedloans


What is in it for you?

Being an advisor is a chance to get hands-on experience in social consultancy, build a network in the social ecosystem at Oxford, and build your CV. But we believe the most rewarding one is knowing that you are part of making a change  for your team – and in turn, the challenges they aim to address. 



What does it entail?

 The level of support will vary throughout the year and depending on your team’s needs, but you should be willing to devote at least one hour of consultancy every 2 weeks across the duration of the programme. 



Who can apply?

We are looking for advisors with a level of experience and seniority that indicate that their input will be helpful to the teams. We look for a range of backgrounds to support teams with different needs.  Whether you are an entrepreneur yourself, has had a noticable career, have sectoral expertise, or academic insight.